I encountered Lynn at the start of a dreadful journey.  It was an unmistakably ordained encounter. I desparately needed someone to help me see my way through a dark and difficult valley and she added light that fortified me emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. My time in sessions with her enlarged my perspective and added dimensions about God and myself that assisted me in moving forward with intention, to fufill my purpose.  Through exploration, my vocation has been clarified and I have taken the essential next steps to pursue my destiny. I am grateful for Lynn's direction, a wellspring of peace, that helps me remain cognizant of the present and diligently on the right path.


"Lynn helped me through the most difficult times in my life.  I went to see Lynn due to unhealthy family dynamics.  She led me to ask the questions of my family that revealed the fact that my father was, in fact, NOT my father. I found this out at the age of 41 and had to deal with my parents and 6 siblings regarding my biology.  Lynn was a Godsend in my life.  She helped me realize that God was always there with me, and helped me to deal with my family in ways that empowered me. I have known Lynn for about 12 years. In that time I have sought her counsel with my husband, my teenage son, and have sent numerous employees and friends that have benefitted from her counseling.. In the marriage, personal and family counseling she has helped me. I would recommend Lynn to anyone who needs a NEW way to deal with things."“


Lynn's Background:
I have an undergraduate degree in Communications from the University of Colorado Denver, and a Masters degree in Biblical Counseling from Colorado Christian University. I was a counselor from 2001-2012. I have recently worked in a non-profit organization, and learned many things I could not have learned any other way. I missed the interaction of the one-on-one time with individuals, and the incredible way I had seen God move in a quiet office setting. Therefore, I am back in the ministry of hearing people's stories and helping them find the freedom that is theirs in Christ.
I have also worked as a church worship leader. I've been blessed with 3 children, and a husband of 38 years. God has used them to teach me to love more profoundly, to live more lively, laugh more often, and to share from the depths of my heart.




Oh, the things I enjoy doing... just about anything. Singing, playing, reading, biking, hiking, drawing, writing, praying, dancing, entertaining, spending time with my friends and family, zumba, lifting weights, cooking...oh and I cant forget, DREAMING!




I enjoy journeying with clients as they explore the 'whys' and 'why nots' of their stories. As a Christian Counselor and Coach, my approach is very freeing and creative. Our spirits can often go neglected or unexamined in the most critical times in our lives. I believe that God wants us to change that. We need to shift our focus from the the old seasons of our lives--the wounds, brokenness and misunderstanding--to a new season of healing, understanding our identity in God, walking in the gifts He has given us, and being guided by Him. It is true that we have been broken and beaten down by life, but that is not who we are or where we are to live. God wants us to move forward from feeling helpless to living in HOPEFULNESS, from feeling defeated to being DETERMINED, from being oppressed to become an OVERCOMER. Who does God say that I am and how do I live out that reality? To answer these questions is to encounter your  destiny.

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