I began studying today for a class I am taking. The Lesson: REceiving the fullness of the Holy Spirit. I came upon a testimony in the lesson. This person apparently prayed to receive God's fullness and got "zapped". They stepped in and were flooded with God's passion, light, etc. "Why doesn't that happen to me?," I thought. I've asked numerous times for the fullness, all the gifts the Holy Spirit wants to give me, to speak with tongues of men and of angels, but I didn't get anything like the student who's testimony I read. Instead the RE word began to flow through my thoughts ... you know ... like Holy Spirit please REnew, REjuvenate, REbuild, REstore, REalign, REwork, REgenerate me. I can only guess by these words that came so quickly to my mind, that He had done those things before in my past and was going to REfill me once again. I concluded that being filled with the Spirit may not always be a "zapping" or even a "feeling". It may be an "act of faith" that it will happen and that it is good. Now I choose to REjoice over what He did quietly in me TODAY.


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