My MINI Cooper Dream

Ten years ago I was taking a biblical dream interpretation class and was asking God to give me an easy dream to interpret. Well it happened, and here's the dream: My husband gave me a red and white Mini Cooper. I got in the front seat and took off. As I asked God to show me what it meant, the first thing I heard was, "it is not your earthly husband but your Heavenly Husband giving you this MINI." Cars in dreams can represent a vocation or a ministry. White in dreams is purity and holiness, and red in the positive means power and authority. The feeling in a dream is important too so, in my case it was contentment, joy and destiny. Here's the interpretation: My Heavenly Husband was giving me something new... a new ministry. One that if I walk pure in heart, He will give me the power and authority to carry it to task. On August 4th, 2014, my earthly husband and I bought a RED Mini Cooper. I believe that in those 10 years, God was preparing me for Designing for Destiny and the WOWs of Women. Today I help people heal and define their true essence and giftings for such a time as this.


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